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The Frazier Institute

Righter than Right






The Frazier Institute is a radical right-wing alternative to the Fraser Institute, Canada's purportedly free-market think-tank. The Frazier Institute was founded by a group of uncompromising free-market analysts who became dissatisfied with the wishy-washy moderation and the compromises of fundamental free-market principles engaged in by think-tanks such as the Fraser Institute in their search for popularity and their kow-towing to the liberal media.

The Frazier Institute is committed to pursuing pure free-market solutions by taking the fundamental principles of capitalism, competition, individualism and freedom to their absolute limits, without concern for popularity, media acceptance, or the petty fears and emotions of the general public. Only through a fearless pursuit of these principles, wherever they lead, can the ultimate triumph of the free-market be assured.


Eat the Whales: A truly free-market solution to the problem of endangered species.

The Puck Curve: In which it is proved that the continuing dominance of Canadians in professional hockey is a result of genetic superiority.

Privatize the Army: It is time the government's biggest bureaucracy was subjected to the rigours of the market.

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