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The Frazier Institute


The primary research arm of the Frazier Institute is DUPES (The Department of Unsubstantiated but Plausible Economic Statistics).

After extensive experimentation, the Institute has found that genuine research often leads to complex and even contradictory conclusions; in some cases, the results actually undermine the basic tenets of free market theory. As a result, such fact-based research has proved to be awkward to use, and ineffective in convincing Canadians of the benefits of the free market.

Rather than go through the expensive, time-consuming process of doing actual research on public policy issues, The Frazier Institute has found that it is both more efficient and more effective to fabricate factoids that fit the Institute's theoretical framework. These are our patented econofacts™.

Economic statistics which demonstrate the superiority of the free market are carefully manufactured and market-tested by our team of communications experts. Those that prove the most memorable and convincing are then spread as fact-nuggets via public forums, the media, pundits and public figures until they achieve the status of received wisdom in public discourse.

Because they are specifically constructed to be convincing, relevant, and easy to remember, the Frazier Institute has found that its artificially constructed econofacts™ have become more widely cited than naturally produced "organic" facts, and have proved to be more effective in convincing the public of our positions. Free market theory dictates that the greater consumer appeal of artificial facts is a clear demonstration of their inherent superiority over natural facts.

As a service to enterprises besieged by the anti-business press and public, the Frazier Institute also prepares econofacts™ for individual corporate clients. Have our crack team of fact developers manufacture statistics tailored to fit your specific public relations needs!

Facts Made for YOU

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