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The Frazier Institute

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Freedom America: A true ideological soulmate from our enlightened neighbors to the South. Keep abreast of the dastardly deeds of demented dogmatic liberals.

Libertarianism in One Lesson: A simple, quick guide to the basic tenets of Libertarian enlightenment. Recommended for those who are not entirely clear on the basic truths that they should believe.

The Fraser Institute: a site that purports to be a bastion of right-wing philosophy is actually a wishy-washy sell-out which panders to the liberal media through compromises of fundamental free-market principles.

But there is worse ...

Canadian Commentary: a typical example of the worst kind of interfering, do-good Canadian liberalism. Thank goodness these kinds of whiners are gradually being silenced as true free-marketers take over the Canadian media. The only good thing about being in the middle of the road is that it is easier for the free market juggernaut to run you down.

Studies by The Frazier Institute have been re-published in Shaw On-Line Magazine (now defunct) and The Next City (now defunct). Despite this track record, the magazine Alberta Views is bravely going ahead with the publication of two of our studies.

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