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The Frazier Institute


President: S.O. Farr-Wright
Steven Oswald Farr-Wright has been thrown out of many of the worlds' most prestigious universities as a result of the resistance of the liberal academic establishment to his radical free-market ideas. He served as a research and communications expert for many think tanks, fringe societies and eccentric millionaires in Canada and abroad before founding the Frazier Institute
Vice President, Policy: Mark Kitts
Mark Kitts was the founding President of the Central Canadian Research Association for Policy Proposals (CCRAPP) before it merged with the Frazier Institute. He is currently a political prisoner in Cuba after leading a daring attempt to privatize the distribution of Cuban cigars as a protest against Communist oppression.
Vice President, Communications: Andrew Nutt Case III
A. Nutt Case III was president of his family's multinational import/export corporation before it was driven into bankruptcy by powerful unions, government taxation and regulations, and the interference of the judiciary. He has since worked as a consultant, business journalist and motivational speaker before joining the Frazier Institute. Among his responsibilities is the management of DUPES (Department of Unsubstantiated but Plausible Economic Statistics).
Researcher: Radi Calfrique
Radi Calfrique is a political refugee from the European Union, where he was persecuted for his attempts to undermine the hegemony of social democracy and his advocacy of traditional European values against the socialists and foreigners who are taking over the continent.

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